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Day: December 3, 2020 

Grain-free diets sound good in theory, but there's more to it

Grain-Free Diets: The Truth Behind the “Health Kick” Hype

Grain-free diets became a popular trend in dog food following such human diets as paleo and gluten-free. Unfortunately, they led to a string of dangerous DCM cases. If you feed your dog a grain-free diet or have considered switching to one, make sure to read up on ALL of the information. It may save your dog's life.
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Dog harnesses allow greater control on walks

Dog Harnesses for Every Canine Walking – and Pulling – Need

Some dog walks end up with you soaking in a tub or spending quality time with an ice pack. Or, worse, you listen to your dog cough and gag at the end of their collar. Dog harnesses provide an easy solution to both problems, and we have the best options available.
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Service dog vests allow for immediate visibility

Service Dog Vests for the Hardest Working Canines

While animal lovers have a strong impulse to go up to dogs and cats we meet out in public, service dogs and ESAs are often performing critical jobs. So how do we know when to keep a respectful distance? Servce dog vests help identify these animals for us.
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