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Month: September 2020 

Teacup breeds are adorable, but they're also not the safest idea

Teacup Breeds: Cute But A Cautionary Concern for Canine Lovers

Is there anything cuter than a teacup breed? Hard to say, Those itty-bitty dogs are impossible to resist. Unhappily, there are a lot of problems with such tiny dogs. Before you consider brining one home, make sure you read up on these cuties and learn all you need to know.
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Dog eye infections are always serious

Dog Eye Infections: Causes and Treatments for Unhappy Puppy Eyes

Dogs look up at us with adoring eyes. So when something looks off in that gaze, we need to take action. Dog eye infections can go wrong quickly. Which means you need to know the warning signs and how to treat those nasty infections correctly the first time.
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Essential oils can pose hazards to dogs

Are Essential Oils Safe for Dogs? Solving the Riddle

Essential oils have made a recent advance into the homeopathic trend. They're a part of numerous products we use every day. But are they safe to use on our dogs? If you've considered adding them to your dog's health care plan, make sure you know the facts first.
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Stop your dog from barking - without resorting to extremes

Patience 101: How to Stop Your Dog from Barking Excessively

When dog barking slips over to the excessive range, it's time to step in. While it may seem like a daunting task, it IS possible to stop a dog from barking. You just need a lot of patience and few helpful hints. Luckily, we have the info you want!
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Coconut oil and dogs - is it everything it's cracked up to be?

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs? Sorting Fact from Fiction

Social media claims coconut oil cures...well, everything. And the dog world isn't immune to those rumors. If you've wondered if coconut oil is the miracle answer for your dog, we have the cautions and warnings you need to know about.
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Dog dental care keeps their teeth healthy

Dog Dental Care For the Healthiest Canine Smiles

Most dogs start showing signs of periodontal disease by the age of three. No one wants to hear that. If you want to protect your dog's smile, you need to start a plan for proper dog dental care. And we have the details.
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Tiny dog breeds require a little extra attention

Best Tiny Dog Breeds: Smallest of the Small Pups Out There

Many people love small dogs, but what if you like REALLY small dogs? Tiny dog breeds represent the smallest dogs out there, featuring the best of the Toy Group.
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Giant dog breeds are some people's favorites

Giant Dog Breeds: Bigger is Better With These Dogs

If you believe in the phrase, "bigger is better," even when it comes to dog breeds, then this is the post for you. These are the best of the giant dog breeds out there, appealing to everyone's love for the most massive dogs in the canine world.
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Toilet-training your cat sounds like a good idea

Is Toilet-Training Your Cat the Right Thing to Consider?

If you hate dealing with litterboxes, toilet-training your cat may sound like the perfect alternative. Unhappily, it's not in your cat's best interest. If you want to understand all of the pros and cons, we have your information.
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