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Month: July 2020 

Shock collar training causes plenty of emotions

Truths About Shock Collar Training: Tackling the Emotional Issue

Nothing polarizes dog owners quite like the topic of shock collars. There's a lot of emotion involved, and it can be difficult to find facts. This article attempts to peel back the feelings to present the truths about shock collars and training.
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Glucosamine for dogs may help improve arthritis

Glucosamine for Dogs: Understanding the Science

Glucosamine works well to help alleviate the pain of arthritis in dogs. It should - glucosamine is the natural building block of cartilage. Understanding the science can go a long way to helping you select the best brand of supplement for your dog.
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How to register an emotional support animal is important information

How to Register an Emotional Support Animal: The Truth

Emotional support animals have featured in the news - for good and bad reasons. ESAs provide a valuable service for their owners. Fraudulent websites make a lot of claims regarding "proper registration," and not all of them are the same. So what is the proper way to obtain and "register" your ESA?
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The best service dogs are easy to train

Best Service Dogs to Choose for You or Your Loved One

Service dogs are amazing heroes in the canine world. While any dog that fulfills the training has potential to become a service dog, there are specific qualities shared by every service dog. These characteristics are found in the best service dogs.
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The best guard dog breeds are alert and aware at all times

Best Guard Dog Breeds to Protect Your Family and Home

Guard dogs serve an important function - protecting property and family. Obedience training is an important component for any guard dog, regardless of breed. So what breeds make the best guard dogs?
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Get a service dog for whatever assistance you need

How to Get a Service Dog for Every Assistance Need

Service dogs provide a variety of tasks for people with disabilities - the list keeps growing. If you have a need for one of these remarkable dogs, how do you obtain one?
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