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A dog drinking a lot of water should always concern you

Is Your Dog Drinking A Lot of Water? When Too Much is TOO MUCH

You set out water for your dog every day. But do you pay attention to how much they drink? If they stop by the water constantly, probably. What causes excessive thirst? Unfortunately, a lot of things - some more concerning than others. If you have a dog drinking a lot of water, you want to pay close attention. Because the odds are something else is going on that you'll need to visit the vet for. We'll go into the details for you.
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Dog head shaking can mean many things - some benign

Dog Head Shaking: What Does It Mean and When Do You Worry?

You often see your dog shake their heads at certain times: after a bath, when they finish swimming, and if they get up from rolling in the grass or dirt. But sometimes all of that head shaking continues. How are you supposed to know what's normal and what's cause for concern? We'll break down dog head shaking into easy to understand pieces. Because sometimes? That shake CAN lead to problems.
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Dog life jackets keep your pup safe wherever you go swimming

Best Dog Life Jackets for Safe Summer Swimming Activities

Whether you're going to the beach, camping by a lake, or simply heading to the pool in your backyard, odds are your favorite pup's going to join you. And while most dogs have no problem swimming, it's important to consider their safety. Dog life jackets provide the perfect solution. And we have the best options on the market to keep your canine companion safe this summer.
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Turns out not all dogs swim

Can All Dogs Swim? Sorting the Skimmers from the Stones

The phrase "doggie paddle" suggests every canine takes to the water like a...well, like a dog. But can all dogs really swim? Reality is a little more complicated. If you wonder if your canine is the next swimming champion, better check this article before hitting the pool or beach.
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Dog swimming pools are the perfect summer accessory

Best Dog Swimming Pools to Keep Canines Cool in the Summer

No one likes getting stuck out in the heat. A quick dip in a pool makes everything better. Why shouldn't your dog get the same advantage? These dog swimming pools ensure your canine family members will stay cool in the warmer months.
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