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Day: April 12, 2021 

Brown dog names don't need to follow expected patterns

Brown Dog Names: 109 Names That Avoid the Everyday

Brown's a fairly common color for dogs. It shows up in a number of breeds, and there are plenty of variations in the shade. Does that mean you should settle for an ordinary name? Of course not! We have plenty of unexpected brown dog names for you to peruse and break the ho-hum mold.
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Herding dog breeds instinctually round up pets and people

Herding Dog Breeds: Agility, Loyalty, and Intelligence in One Pup

Some of the most popular dogs are those with seemingly-unlimited stores of energy. They want to work from sunrise to sunset. And they'll watch over your home and family - usually without training or asking. These pups come from the Herding Group. And they're a fascinating bunch with roots all over the world. We have some of the most popular herding dog breeds to introduce you to.
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