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Day: March 9, 2021 

Dog whiskers are just as vital as cat whiskers

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? Why Do Canines Need Them, Too?

Cat whiskers always seem to get all of the attention. And most people understand why cats have whiskers. But if you take a close look at your dog's head, you've probably noticed whiskers standing out here and there, too. Do dog whiskers serve the same functions as in cats? If so, why aren't they arranged the same way? And what about breeds that don't have whiskers? If questions about dog whiskers are keeping you awake, we have the answers you're seeking.
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Leash training is an important step in a dog's life

Leash Training: Making Walks as Peaceful (and Fun) as Possible

Even if your dog spends most of their outdoor time in the backyard, you may still need to venture out in public now and then. You take vacations, go to vet visits, and ae trips around the neighborhood. For your dog's safety - and your own - it's important to have proper leash-training checked off. And while it may sound complicated, it's actually an easy process. With patience, a store of treats, and this handy primer, we'll have you and your pup strolling the sidewalks in no time.
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