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Day: March 3, 2021 

Cats and water isn't quite what people make it out to be

Why Don’t Cats Like Water? Do They Really Hate it THAT Much?

Cats and water go together like....well, kind of like oil and water. At least, that's how most people make it out to be. Everyone knows cats hate water. But is it really the hateful relationship popular opinion holds? No! Let's get down to the real truth behind cats and water, once and for all.
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A stressed cat isn't always easy to spot

Is My Cat Stressed? Does My Feline Need to Go to Therapy?

You know SOMETHING is off with your cat, but what? Little warning bells keep going off in the back of your mind. Maybe you have changes going on in the house. It's out of the ordinary, sure, but is that enough to make your cat act differently? A stressed cat may fly under the radar - until you have a miserable feline. We'll go over the different kinds of stress and how to recognize the symptoms - not to mention what to do if you have a stressed cat.
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