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Day: April 2, 2021 

Dogs eat marshmallows and end up with severe GI upset

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? Bypassing This Camping Treat

Marshmallows sneak into our diets in a lot of different ways. We roast them over fires. They top our hot chocolate. We have them in certain cereals. And - honestly - we snack on them. They're kind of addictive. And it seems like there's almost nothing to them. So can dogs eat marshmallows? Surprising to some people, the answer's a big NO. And we'll explain precisely why not.
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Dogs and chocolate can end up a lethal combination

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate? Explaining the Sweet Toxicity

Odds are you already know dogs and chocolate are a bad combination. It's one of the foods on the "do not feed" list. But do you know why dogs can't eat chocolate? Or why different chocolates rank worse than others? We'll break everything down for you so you know why the chocolates need to get locked away.
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