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Day: March 23, 2021 

Dogs licking people has more meanings than you may think

Why Do Dogs Lick People? The Science Behind Doggie Kisses

Is there anything cuter than doggie kisses? Well, for some people the answer's a resounding, "Yes." Other people don't mind so much. But why is dogs licking people such a big deal? What drives our canine companions to slobber on swipe us with their tongues? Is it really nothing more than affection, or is there something else at work? We'll dig into the science behind this behavior to give you answers.
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Dog yawning doesn't have to indicate boredom

Why Do Dogs Yawn? Does It Always Mean Doggie Boredom?

Yawns in humans have plenty of theories - but none of them have concrete proof as of yet. Plenty of people think they represent sleepiness or boredom. So when you see your dog yawning, you start to wonder what it might mean. Dogs aren't getting bored with us - are they? We'll get the bottom of dog yawning for you to clear things up.
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