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Tag: Trimming Cat Nails 

Cat nail clippers keep your cat's paws healthy

Best Cat Nail Clippers for Trimming Down Sharp Claws

You hate seeing your cat getting stuck in a blanket or the carpet pile. You know it's important to maintain proper claw health, but which are the best tools to keep up with trimming claws? Good thing we have the best cat nail clippers to help!
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Polydactyl cats have paws that often look like mittens

Polydactyl Cats: The Mystery and Magic Behind a Few Extra Toes

Have you ever spotted a cat with curious-looking paws? Did it seem like they were sporting mittens? Or maybe their feet looked suspiciously wide? Odds are you encountered a polydactyl cat. Cherished by Ernest Hemingway and others, cats with extra toes have unique little paws - and a special history.
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Trimming cat nails keeps you and your cat safe

Trimming Cat Nails and Keeping the Scratching to a Minimum

Nothing seems to frighten cat owners more than trimming cat nails. If the thought has you on edge, don't despair - we'll walk you through the process and turn you into a pro!
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