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Tag: Tabby Cat 

Tabby cat names allow you to explore plenty of creativity

Tabby Cat Names: 118 Names for Felines With Gorgeous Patterns

With plenty of variety in markings - and color!- tabbies capture the hearts of cat-lovers everywhere. And they're some of the most common felines out there. You see the coat in plenty of breeds. And if you ask most people? They probably share their home with one. And while it's a common coat pattern, that doesn't mean your feline's name needs to be. We have plenty of tabby cat names that break out of the ordinary and capitalize on the unique markings of these sensational felines.
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Orange cat names have a lot of unique possibilites

Orange Cat Names: 157 Names for Reds, Gingers, and Marmalades

Orange tabbies have reputations for bold, out-going personalities - a match to their vibrant coats. They're not the most common cats on the ground, though. With such bright colors and demands for affection, you want to make sure you choose the perfect name that reflects those qualities. Luckily for you, we've collected to best and brightest (get it?) orange cat names to choose from!
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