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Tag: Shock collars 

Best shock collars work without causing fear

Best Shock Collars for Training Misbehaving Canines

Shock collars can be controversial, but many owners find them helpful as a part of training out undesirable behaviors. We have several of the best options available for experienced owners.
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The best bark collars help with training excessive barking

Best Bark Collars for Small and Large Dogs For 2020

If your neighbors have made one too many threats of calling the police in regards to your dog's afternoon bark chorus, you might be considering a bark collar. There are a variety of bark collars available, and it's important to consider the root of your dog's barking behavior, as well as the style of bark collar.
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Shock collar training causes plenty of emotions

Truths About Shock Collar Training: Tackling the Emotional Issue

Nothing polarizes dog owners quite like the topic of shock collars. There's a lot of emotion involved, and it can be difficult to find facts. This article attempts to peel back the feelings to present the truths about shock collars and training.
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