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Chinese Shar-Peis have cute wrinkled faces

Shar-Peis: The Cutest and Most Stubborn Wrinkly Dogs in the World

Everyone recognizes the adorable wrinkly faces of the Chinese Shar-Pei. However, most people aren't aware of the stubborn streak or the potential health problems that also come with the breed. If you're considering adding a Shar-Pei to your home, make sure you have all of the facts first.
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The most aggressive dog breeds often give the wrong impression

These 11 of the Most Aggressive Dog Breeds May Surprise You

The most aggressive dog breeds have a negative reputation. Unhappily, it's not one they've earned. These breeds have their poor reputations through the results of bad owners. So before you dismiss one of these breeds from your list, take a deeper look.
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