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Tag: Hairless Breeds 

Hairless cat breeds intrigue or confuse people

Hairless Cat Breeds: Unique, Exotic, and Irresistibly Cute

When people see hairless cat breeds, they tend to have one of two reactions: they start to coo or they feel a shiver. These unique felines have their fans and their detractors. No matter what, though, they're worth getting to know better - which is what we're going to do here!
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Dog sweaters keep your dog warm in cold weather

Best Dog Sweaters to Prevent Shivers and Whimpers

When the autumn leaves start falling and frost creeps over the ground, you know it's sweater weather. Nothing beats snuggling into your favorite warm weather garment to enjoy the brisk chill. And for certain dogs who lack an insulating fluffy coat of their own, the same holds true. If your pup's been shivering in the chill, you'll want to reach for one of the best dog sweaters to keep them snuggly warm.
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Winter dog coats keep certain breeds comfortable in colder temperatures

Winter Dog Coats: Keeping Your Canine Companion Warm and Toasty

Even if you love the winter months, odds are you HATE feeling cold. Half of the fun of venturing into the snow is bundling up in our favorite wintry gear. The same applies to some our beloved pups. Certain breeds need the addition of a winter dog coat to protect them from those chilly elements. And we have the best options to protect your beloved canine from the plunging mercury.
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Dog sunscreens are important whenever you spend time outside

Best Dog Sunscreens to Prevent Dangerous Sunburn

We know the importance of protecting ourselves out in the sun. But what about our dogs? Sunburns harm our canine companions, too. If you want to keep your dog safe, it's time to learn about dog sunscreens.
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Hairless dog breeds work well for some people with allergies

Best Hairless Dog Breeds for Allergy-Sensitive Dog Lovers

If you're an allergy sufferer, you might think dog ownership is out of your hands. Luckily for you, hypoallergenic dog breeds exist. If frequent trips to the groomer aren't your cup of tea, a hairless dog is just the ticket.
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