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A dog licking their paws can lead to problems down the road

Why is My Dog Licking Their Paws? Sorting Compulsion From Problems

Who hasn't seen their dog nibble at a toe now and then? And you've probably seen them performing grooming behaviors similar to a cat. When it's occasional, you don't think much about it. When a dog licking their paws turns into a constant behavior, you take notice. And the reasons behind it? Could be anything from boredom to a significant health issue. We'll go over what to look for and how to address the problem.
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Dog wipes work for grooming between baths

Best Dog Wipes to Keep Your Dog Fresh and Clean

It IS possible to go overboard on dog baths. You can dry out your dog's skin which leads to infection. If your dog's prone to rolling in the dirt, or even has special medical conditions, dog wipes provide a compromise. Your dog gets clean without needing a bath every other day.
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