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Tag: Effects of Catnip 

The best catnip for cats comes from organic sources

The Best Catnip for Cats: Indulging Your Kitty’s Fun Side

Catnip serves a number of positive purposes - not just snapping a few hilarious videos for Instagram. You can utilize catnip to help with training your cat, introducing them to new objects in the house, or even easing them into their carriers. And we have the best catnip options for cats.
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The effects of catnip on cats vary depending on your cat's heredity

Effects of Catnip on Cats: Explaining the Kitty Insanity

Have you ever given your cat a new toy infused with catnip? Do they go into a trance? Or do you find yourself with a feline losing their mind? You know the catnip's to blame, but why? What are the effects of catnip on cats? And why do different cats react differently? We have everything you need to know about this mysterious herb.
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