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Tag: Dog Harnesses 

Dog car seats work for small and large dogs

12 Best Dog Car Seats of 2021: Reviewed by Experts

We love hitting the open road with our favorite furry friends. Ensuring the safety of our dogs during a car ride is critical, though. We don't want to get distracted by a roaming dog in the car, and we don't want them injured in an accident. That means investing in quality dog car seats or harnesses - no matter whether your pup is small or large.
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Dog harnesses allow greater control on walks

Dog Harnesses for Every Canine Walking – and Pulling – Need

Some dog walks end up with you soaking in a tub or spending quality time with an ice pack. Or, worse, you listen to your dog cough and gag at the end of their collar. Dog harnesses provide an easy solution to both problems, and we have the best options available.
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