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Tag: Dog Grooming 

A dog licking their paws can lead to problems down the road

Why is My Dog Licking Their Paws? Sorting Compulsion From Problems

Who hasn't seen their dog nibble at a toe now and then? And you've probably seen them performing grooming behaviors similar to a cat. When it's occasional, you don't think much about it. When a dog licking their paws turns into a constant behavior, you take notice. And the reasons behind it? Could be anything from boredom to a significant health issue. We'll go over what to look for and how to address the problem.
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Dog hair dyes seem harmless, but they're actually dangerous

Dog Hair Dyes: The Truth Behind a Colorful Canine Fad

Once relegated to Halloween, adding touches of color to your dog's natural coat has now become a trend. After all, people change their hair to fun shades all the time. Why not do the same with their canine companions? And while it seems like a fun idea, there are plenty of dangers people don't consider. Dog hair dyes aren't the harmless fad people consider them. And we'll explain why you should avoid them.
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Dog brushes come in different styles for every dog coat

Best Dog Brushes for Sleek and Shiny Canine Coats

Every canine comes with a unique coat type. Some are thick and fluffy. Others? They have tight, constantly-growing curls. And some have almost no hair at all. But every dog needs regular grooming to keep shedding from getting out of control. And even short hair can turn into mats if not cared for. Good thing we have the top dog brushes for every dog out there!
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Pyoderma in dogs can take time to figure out

Pyoderma in Dogs: When the Itchy and Scratchy Show Turns Real

Your dog's going crazy scratching. You noticed some red patches on their skin, but you thought it was the scratching. Now you notice weird red pumps. And they look DISGUSTING. What's going on? There's a good chance you're dealing with pyoderma. And figuring out the cause? That gets tricky. But with the proper coordination with your vet, you'll get your pup on the road to recovery.
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Dog nail grinders help you trim and shape your dog's nails

Dog Nail Grinders for the Perfect Canine Mani-Pedis

Keeping your dog's nails trimmed is an important step in the grooming process. But not every dog tolerates clippers - or every human, for that matter. And making a monthly trip to the groomer can start to add up quickly. That's where dog nail grinders come in. With a little practice (and some careful training with your pup), you'll have those puppy tootsies looking fantastic.
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Nipples on dogs prompt many different questionss

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have? Everything You Were Afraid to Ask

Admit it: you have questions about nipples on dogs. You may or may not notice them on your pup, but they're definitely there. And if you've wondered about how many are supposed to be there, how they function, and what problems can arise, we have your answers.
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Dog whiskers are just as vital as cat whiskers

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? Why Do Canines Need Them, Too?

Cat whiskers always seem to get all of the attention. And most people understand why cats have whiskers. But if you take a close look at your dog's head, you've probably noticed whiskers standing out here and there, too. Do dog whiskers serve the same functions as in cats? If so, why aren't they arranged the same way? And what about breeds that don't have whiskers? If questions about dog whiskers are keeping you awake, we have the answers you're seeking.
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Dogs rolling in poop is one of the greatest canine mysteries

Why Do Dogs Roll in Poop? The Mystery That Baffles Even Scientists

Why is it dogs rolling poop happens at the most inconvenient times? Not that you ever WANT your dog to dive into a pile of feces, but they usually wait until you've given them a bath, scheduled company to come over, or spread a fresh load of laundry on the couch. It's one of the worst habits of the canine world. Even worse, no one quite understands the drive behind it! There are plenty of interesting theories, though, so why not take a look through them?
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Fluffy dog breeds trigger that innate desire to snuggle

Fluffy Dog Breeds: All the Poofiness You Can Handle

What's better than a real-life teddy bear? Nothing! So when you find the poofiest, softest dog out there, you can't restrain yourself. That much fluff demands a blanket, a mug of cocoa, and a long afternoon of quality time. Of course, fluffy dog breeds come with a lot of responsibility. But if you want to get your fix of fluffiness, we have the pups for you!
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Preparing for a puppy takes a lot of careful thought

Preparing for a Puppy Checklist: Getting off on the Right Paw

You've fallen in love with the sweetest face in the entire world. That part's easy. Making sure you're ready to bring that puppy into your life and home? That's a little more complicated. Preparing for a puppy means going down a long checklist. You need to ensure you're covering every possible need for your new furry loved one - and your peace of mind! Good thing we've got that checklist laid out for you!
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