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A dog losing weight often signals a health concern

Is Your Dog Losing Weight? When It’s Time to Get Worried

Weight's a touchy subject - even in the canine world. If you have a pup carrying a few extra pounds, you've probably heard your vet mention it. But there are just as many concerns about skinny dogs. A dog losing weight can signal lurking health problems. Or it may mean a sudden change in the house, and your dog's protesting. But how do you tell the difference? We'll let you know the critical signs.
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A dog drinking a lot of water should always concern you

Is Your Dog Drinking A Lot of Water? When Too Much is TOO MUCH

You set out water for your dog every day. But do you pay attention to how much they drink? If they stop by the water constantly, probably. What causes excessive thirst? Unfortunately, a lot of things - some more concerning than others. If you have a dog drinking a lot of water, you want to pay close attention. Because the odds are something else is going on that you'll need to visit the vet for. We'll go into the details for you.
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Dog slow feeders are important tools for keeping your pup safe

Dog Slow Feeders: Preventing Canine Food Gulping

Some dogs take their time with meals, savoring every bite. But others treat dinner as a racing competition. And that gulping behavior can lead to severe health problems. Rather than taking time out to offer tiny meals throughout the day, you can use dog slow feeders. These nifty training tools teach your pup to eat at a better pace, keeping them safe.
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Canned dog food is often a canine favorite

Best Canned Dog Food to Offer Your Pup Plenty of Variety

Cats may win the award for being finicky eaters, but dogs appreciate variety in their diets, too. Even if they love their usual kibble, the addition of an occasional canned dog food is always appreciated. And it helps introduce critical moisture into their daily routine. We'll go over some of the top canned dog food options on the market and what to look for when you start shopping.
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Sensitive stomach dog foods often feature bland flavors

Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods: Meals for Wobbly Tummies

When you have a dog with occasional tummy upsets, you probably blame their food. And there's a good chance you're right. But how do you choose what food to switch to? Wobbly puppy tummies benefit from sensitive stomach dog foods. But there aren't many out there. We'll offer the best options and explain what to look for.
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While you may see cats eat dog food now and then, it's not something to encourage

Can Cats Eat Dog Food? When Pets Switch Food Bowls

When you share a house with cats and dogs, it's inevitable that the two will sample the other's food. And you may think nothing of it. When you look at the ingredients, they probably sound similar. And while the occasional bite won't do much harm, you shouldn't allows cats to eat dog food. The two diets aren't as alike as you may think. We'll show you the differences.
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Dog food for dogs with allergies may require trial and error

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies: Helping Soothe Skin and Tummies

Allergies in dogs are often complicated. How to find the source? You'll need a steady relationship with your vet. And while food allergies are rare, they DO happen. But finding the right dog food for dogs with allergies is often slow and frustrating. And we'll explain why - and provide a list of some of the top choices.
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Dog food for German Shepherds needs to meet specific requirements

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: Keeping Your GSD Trim and Active

Picking out the best dog foods gets tricky for anyone. You want your canine companion to stay healthy and get the most nutrients. But if you have a German Shepherd, you have some extra concerns. They need special dietary breakdowns to keep them healthy and capable of performing their best. Good thing we have the best dog food for German Shepherds for you to choose from!
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Low-fat dog foods keep your pup looking trim

Low-Fat Dog Foods to Trim Off Those Unwanted Pounds

Whether you have an overweight pup, or your dog suffers from pancreatitis or IBD, low-fat dog foods can provide an easy answer. And we have the top low-fat dog foods your canine will crave.
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Grain-free diets sound good in theory, but there's more to it

Grain-Free Diets: The Truth Behind the “Health Kick” Hype

Grain-free diets became a popular trend in dog food following such human diets as paleo and gluten-free. Unfortunately, they led to a string of dangerous DCM cases. If you feed your dog a grain-free diet or have considered switching to one, make sure to read up on ALL of the information. It may save your dog's life.
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