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Tag: Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies 

Dog food for dogs with allergies may require trial and error

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies: Helping Soothe Skin and Tummies

Allergies in dogs are often complicated. How to find the source? You'll need a steady relationship with your vet. And while food allergies are rare, they DO happen. But finding the right dog food for dogs with allergies is often slow and frustrating. And we'll explain why - and provide a list of some of the top choices.
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Grain-free diets sound good in theory, but there's more to it

Grain-Free Diets: The Truth Behind the “Health Kick” Hype

Grain-free diets became a popular trend in dog food following such human diets as paleo and gluten-free. Unfortunately, they led to a string of dangerous DCM cases. If you feed your dog a grain-free diet or have considered switching to one, make sure to read up on ALL of the information. It may save your dog's life.
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