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Tag: Dog Dental Chews 

Dog dental chews are yummy treats that help clean teeth

Best Dog Dental Chews for Tackling Stubborn Plaque

Nothing substitutes for brushing your dog's teeth. But if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the routine, you may want to extra help. And wouldn't it be handy if your pup LIKED part of the tooth-cleaning process? That's where dog dental chews come in. Tasty and healthy, they're the perfect addition to your puppy dental care routine.
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Dog dental care keeps their teeth healthy

Dog Dental Care For the Healthiest Canine Smiles

Most dogs start showing signs of periodontal disease by the age of three. No one wants to hear that. If you want to protect your dog's smile, you need to start a plan for proper dog dental care. And we have the details.
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