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Calming treats and chews work for a variety of causes of anxiety

Best Calming Treats and Chews for Your Anxious Dog

Watching our dogs cope with anxiety amps up OUR anxiety. There are a lot of options available to help our canine companions cope, with calming treats and chews topping the list as the most accessible. Before reaching for a treat, though, make sure to read those labels carefully.
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Dog chews are delicious ways for your dog to exercise their jaws

Best Dog Chews for Happy – and Tasty – Canine Gnawing

It's impossible to stop a dog from chewing - it's in their nature. And while you want to provide important (and safe) options, you also want to give your dog a treat now and then. That's where dog chews come in. They scrape away annoying plaque from teeth, give your dog the satisfaction of something to gnaw on, all while offering a yummy treat in the process. Everyone wins! And we have the best dog chew options to choose from.
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Dog bones can help with canine dental care

Dog Bones: Satisfying That Canine Desire to Chew

We know dogs love to chew. Hopefully, your pup doesn't feel like gnawing on the furniture. You want to provide the best option to satisfy that natural chewing habit, but you don't want to cause your dog to end up sick. Dog bones comes in many different forms, and many ARE safe options. We have the best dog bones to help you out.
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Dog subscription boxes mean something new and exciting every month

Dog Subscription Boxes: Surprising Your Pup With Monthly Fun

Does your dog go through toys like potato chips? Do you hate combing through pet store aisles, trying to decide what new treat your pup might enjoy? And, really, who has time to sit in traffic to find the perfect doggie bandana? Dog subscription boxes help save time while providing the best options in treats, toys, and even apparel - all delivered directly to your door!
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Marrow bones aren't always the best choice for dogs

Marrow Bones for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

The dog world is rife with controversy. Marrow bones feature in that debate. Are bones safe? Is it healthy? If you've found yourself wondering whether you can add marrow bones into your dog's routine, we have lay everything on the table to let you make an informed decision.
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Dog beds for chewers are built of stronger materials

Best Dog Beds For Chewers That Will Hold Up to Gnawing and Pawing

Ever opened your door to an explosion of stuffing and fabric? You swore there was a dog bed in there when you left. Dogs chew their beds for a lot of reasons, and dealing with this habit can seem daunting. Luckily, there are dog beds out there designed just for chewers.
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