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Tag: Dog Anxiety 

Calming treats and chews work for a variety of causes of anxiety

Best Calming Treats and Chews for Your Anxious Dog

Watching our dogs cope with anxiety amps up OUR anxiety. There are a lot of options available to help our canine companions cope, with calming treats and chews topping the list as the most accessible. Before reaching for a treat, though, make sure to read those labels carefully.
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Indoor dog houses help reduce anxiety

Indoor Dog Houses: Comfy Inside Spaces For Your Favorite Canine

Everyone's familiar with outdoor dog houses. They provide shelter and warmth for canines that spend time outside. But what about a comfy retreat inside? That's important, too. And we have the perfect solution with these indoor dog houses you (and your dog!) are sure to love.
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Dog-proof trash cans keep your pup safe and your house clean

Dog-Proof Trash Cans: Foiling Sneaky Garbage Hounds

No one wants to come home and find the contents of their trash scattered over the floor. But worse is stumbling upon a very sick dog. Plenty of things in the garbage can pose a hazard to curious canines. With dog-proof trash cans, you can solve both problems - while keeping your house looking great at the same time!
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Dog hair dyes seem harmless, but they're actually dangerous

Dog Hair Dyes: The Truth Behind a Colorful Canine Fad

Once relegated to Halloween, adding touches of color to your dog's natural coat has now become a trend. After all, people change their hair to fun shades all the time. Why not do the same with their canine companions? And while it seems like a fun idea, there are plenty of dangers people don't consider. Dog hair dyes aren't the harmless fad people consider them. And we'll explain why you should avoid them.
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Dog dreams are still mostly a mystery

What Do Dogs Dream About? Are They Really Chasing Rabbits?

At least once or twice, you've probably noticed your dog twitching or making sounds in their sleep. Maybe they even start running. You're pretty sure they're dreaming - but about what? Dog dreams have mystified owners - and scientists - for years. But we're going to offer some answers as to what those dog dreams might contain.
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Dog yawning doesn't have to indicate boredom

Why Do Dogs Yawn? Does It Always Mean Doggie Boredom?

Yawns in humans have plenty of theories - but none of them have concrete proof as of yet. Plenty of people think they represent sleepiness or boredom. So when you see your dog yawning, you start to wonder what it might mean. Dogs aren't getting bored with us - are they? We'll get the bottom of dog yawning for you to clear things up.
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Female dog humping often leaves owners embarrassed

Why Do Female Dogs Hump? Addressing an Embarrassing Situation

Whether you approve or not, you expect to see male dogs humping other dogs, objects, and even people. It makes sense on some kind of level - even if they're neutered. But when you see female dogs humping, things get confusing - and downright embarrassing. Why does THAT happen? And is there anything you can do about it? Not to worry - we're going to get to the bottom of this blush-inducing situation.
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Belly rubs are a dog favorite

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs? The Secret Behind This Popular Activity

For most dogs, belly rubs are the height of doggie pleasure. You can see it right on their fuzzy faces. But what is it about this activity that's so appealing? And why do WE enjoy giving belly rubs? As it turns out, there's an entire science behind this humble moment.
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Dog training books can help your pup with a variety of situations

Dog Training Books to Get Your Pup on The Right Path

Whether you want to start housebreaking your new puppy, improve socialization with a rescue, or work on new tricks with your faithful canine of many years, dog training books can walk you through the process. They allow you to move at your pace (or your pup's), with helpful hints and clear images to follow. And you often get helpful insight into the canine mind that lets you understand what your dog's thinking - something that makes training much easier.
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Dog bandanas work in every possible situation

Best Dog Bandanas: Canine Fashion for Every Occasion

You want your dog to look perfect for a photo-op, but they hate wearing clothing. It's a special occasion, and something extra's needed. Luckily, dog bandanas come work perfectly! And most dogs don't even mind wearing them - letting them look adorable for every situation.
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