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PAW Patrol names are popular with kids who love the show

PAW Patrol Names: “Mighty Pups are Ready to Go!”

"No job is too big, no pup is too small!" If you know kids who are fans of PAW Patrol, you've probably heard plenty of names thrown out at you. Do you have any idea who they are? Are the characters a mystery to you? As you bring new dogs into the home, the odds are your kids will want to help with the naming process. And PAW Patrol names are a HUGE deal with the younger age groups. If you want to come across as a "cool parent," we'll make sure you know who all of the characters are - and where those name suggestions are coming from!
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The Bernese Mountain Dog lifespan often surprises people

Bernese Mountain Dog Lifespan: One of the Shortest-Lived Giants

Who doesn't love a giant fluffy dog? Berners have a reputation for loyalty and strength. With the ability to draft - pulling carts several times their weight - they seem nearly invincible. So why is the Bernese Mountain Dog lifespan so shockingly short? Before you bring one into your home, make sure you understand what you're taking on.
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Giant dog breeds are some people's favorites

Giant Dog Breeds: Bigger is Better With These Dogs

If you believe in the phrase, "bigger is better," even when it comes to dog breeds, then this is the post for you. These are the best of the giant dog breeds out there, appealing to everyone's love for the most massive dogs in the canine world.
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