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Month: November 2016 

Dog doing the mannequin challenge in different positions

Most Obedient Dog Ever Crushes Mannequin Challenge

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks and don’t know about the Mannequin Challenge, we’re here to help.  Something that
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Dog Waiting for Traffic Light

Law Abiding Dog Shows Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

We’ve always suspected that dogs are smarter than humans.  Now we have proof. In a video posted to YouTube by a Russian-speaking user, we see what
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Atchoumfan from viral twitter post on whether he is a cat or dog

The Internet Needs to Know: Is it a Dog or a Cat?

Is the dress black and blue or white and gold? Does that cat really have a hole through its stomach?  Where is the hidden cell
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Logar the dog's recovery from extremely swollen head

Extremely Swollen Headed Dog Makes Unbelievable Recovery

Usually when we talk about swollen headed people, we’re talking about people with a sense of inflated pride.  But for one dog in Fairmont, West
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British Banquet Ingredients

World’s Most Expensive Cat Food Contains Caviar, Lobster, and Quinoa

Cats can be finicky creatures.  It can be almost impossible to get them to like something that they don’t want.  Take littler boxes for example.
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Kira the cat trying to catch a baseball from the TV during the 2016 World Series

Cubs? Cleveland? No, a Cat is the Best Story of the World Series

So apparently there is this team called the Chicago Cubs that hasn’t won the Word Series in 108 years and they happened to do so
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Jolene with Gumby Toy

Dog Has Priceless Reaction When Owner Dresses as Her Favorite Toy

When children play with toys, they imagine that one day they can play with the real thing.  Whether it’s a GI Joe, Transformer, or Barbie,
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