Bone and Yarn was established out of our LOVE for dogs and cats.  Our pets are truly part of our family and we believe that they should be cared for like they are our children, since they really are!

Our dog, Bailey, a British Golden Retriever, doesn’t realize that I am not her “birth mom”. The way she looks at me, directly and intently, and then gives me an occasional wink, melts my heart. She has a sweet and gentle disposition and can bring a smile to the face of anyone that has the pleasure of meeting her. She has grown up with our teenage son since he was five, and still waits for his return daily from school. Whether it’s hiking up the local creek or shagging golf balls for chipping practice, she is at his side ready to follow.

I have read so much about having a dog or cat and how it can can not only prolong your life but improve the quality of it, and I must say I agree. I have personally seen a therapy dog light up the face of a patient who was otherwise unresponsive, with a simple stroke of their fur. I have witnessed an elderly person regain purpose when they were surprised with a new puppy,  and have enjoyed feeling a kitten fall asleep to my pulse when snuggled up to my neck and chest.  Dogs and cats were created to love unconditionally and should be role models for us humans when it comes to loyalty, forgiveness and love.

Our goal at Bone and Yarn is to spread joy by offering good pet advice, news, pet product information and of course the cutest dog and cat pictures around.  We welcome your comments and want to thank all of the contributors (fellow pet lovers) for their wisdom and great writing over the years.